The Artisans’ Village will be near the tavern on the north end of the event site. This will host messy or loud A&S demonstrations and will be going on Friday-Sunday. We are planning a cooking tent, leather working, glass working, and textile arts. If you have a suggestion or would like to participate in one of the demonstrations, please contact Meestres Eva at MK50AS[at]midrealm[dot]org .

The outdoor pavilion will be hosting large static displays and demonstrations. There will be limited class space there are well. If you have a one-day demo that does not fit in the Artisans’ Village or a large display that cannot be broken down each night, please contact Meestres Eva at MK50AS[at]midrealm[dot]org, and we can arrange a space for you.

Signup to teach classes or do a demo in the village Please fill out the form using the link below, once submitted this will send an email to the mk50 scheduler and then a confirmation email will be sent to you confirming submission. A second email will be sent from the mk50 scheduler confirming your class or activity with date and time.


Things to know!
The entire site is wifi – this includes inside and outdoor spaces.
We have two class rooms with screens and projectors please request in Equipment and Space.
All inside class room spaces will have tables, chairs and white boards.
All outside class room spaces will have tables and chairs.

Please use this form link to Signup!