MK50 Year is pleased to offer three amazing feasts!

We do have a limited amount of feasts seats so please pre-register to guarantee your place – you will not want to miss this! Any seats not sold during pre-registration will be sold at gate as a first come first serve basis. Our Feast Stewards are working on ingredient lists and we will post them as soon as we have them. Please bring feast gear, a limited amount of loaner feast gear will be available.

Friday Travelers Tavern


On Friday night, visit with friends new and old at a middle-eastern caravanserai offering a variety of single serving dishes from which you may assemble a meal to suit your tastes. Offerings include soup, meatballs, fresh bread, salads, chickpeas, fruit, and vegetable frittatas, along with tea and other cold drinks.

Saturday Feast - Ancient Rome


On behalf of the apprentices of the Middle Kingdom we look forward to greeting you on Saturday evening as we present some of the most ancient and largely written-about cuisines — that of ancient Rome.

Roman cooking is one of the earliest cuisines for which we have large portions of documentable examples. Even though it’s slightly earlier than the time periods we focus on within the SCA, studying it helps give insight into our medieval ancestors that we do focus on because much of the Roman practice became part of the mindset of those during the medieval times, in particular during the Renaissance. And, it was also the predecessor of much of the regional Mediterranean cuisines we see today. We look forward to presenting our research on dishes from Cato, Apicius, and Columella – just to name a few – who have become so well known for their extravagant meals from ancient Rome and feature sumptuous sauces, sweet-and-sour flavor juxtaposition, and masterful use of aromatic herbs all which make the simplest of foods simply amazing! Playing on the recipes served at various meal times throughout the daily life in Rome, our menu will be the perfect end to a warm May day.

This team has been put together from all parts of the Kingdom and we are most humbled and honored to be asked to help host this evening together. We look forward to delivering with passion and honor a sumptuous meal!

Baroness Hannah Schreiber
Apprentice and Protégé to Meisterinne Genoveva von Lübeck

Sunday - Laurel’s Feast


This feast works to bring East and West together by juxtaposing the cuisines of Venice and Istanbul. It features courses and drinks of seasonal food prepared in the month of May in the mid- late 16th C as accurately as possible to the original cuisine. Accommodations for both vegetarians and non alike will be available; attempting to offer a varied menu to minimize most dietary concerns and appeal to the greatest number of people without jeopardizing the integrity of the original culinary culture. Service will be offered in a manner befitting the highest station.

In Service,
Dame Hauviette d’Anjou, Zubaida Qiliclu Qari bint Abed al Kadir, Andelcrag Hanimevali

Feast Coordinator
Mistress Helewyse DeBirkestad, OP, OL