Performing Friends of All Kinds! We call to you come help us make Joyous Music and Song Celebrating 50 Years of Bardic history!

Here are the various Bardic Performance opportunities we’ll be having at Middle Kingdom 50 Year!  If you’re interested in signing up to participate in one of the activities, please click on the link below! Have questions or need help – please contact us at mk50bardic[at]midrealm[dot]org.

Tavern Featured Performance nights from 7pm to midnight every day at 50 Year! Yes – the Tavern is back and we need you to help entertain our thirsty guests. Each night we will have a special theme to celebrate all aspects of the Bardic Arts. Thursday, the theme is SCA Bardic.  Friday, the Theme is Period Performances!  Saturday is the theme is Loud Groups!  And Sunday, the theme is Open Mic Night, with 15 sessions as short as 15 minutes! 

Busking! Busking helps set the ambiance for any event. Perform under the shade trees on the promenade in the merchant area during the day. Busking Slots run from 10am to 5 pm, Friday and Saturday, and 10am to noon, and 4pm to 5pm on Sunday – each slot is 30 minutes.

Kids Bardic!  Kids Bardic will run from 3-4 pm every day at 50 year!  Magic shows, puppets, kids singalong, Storytime and more!  Check back for a schedule of performers!

Traditional SCA Bardic Circle!  Across the street North of The tavern will be a traditional pick, pass, or play Bardic Circle every night from 8pm to midnight! There will be a roaring fire in the pit so bring your chairs to sit enjoy the festivities. On the last night, we’ll have a travelling bardic circle that will go to various camps in the night, to spread the music around, culminating in a big singalong bardic in the Tavern after the Open Mic Night has completed.

In order to participate in the Bardic Circle all you need to do is show up!  If your camp is interested in hosting a performance of the Travelling Bardic Circle, please email us at mk50bardic[at]midrealm[dot]org.

Teaching and Learning Opportunities – Round-table discussion and one-on-one coaching opportunities about bardic topics, such as “What is a Bard”, as well as poetry, songwriting, storytelling, performing and performance techniques, etc. Round table discussions will be in or around the Main Building on Friday 10am to 3pm. One-on- One Coaching Opportunities run from 10am to 3pm Friday and Saturday in the Tavern.

“One-on- One Coaching Opportunities run from 10am to 3pm Friday and 11am to 3pm Saturday in the Tavern.” to “One-on- One Coaching Opportunities run from 10am to 3pm Friday and Saturday in the Tavern.  Coaches include Mistress Tyzes Sofia (called Zsof), Master Tonis van Driele, and Baron Andreas Blacwode.”

Bardic Circle Fire Pit Schedule – Starting at 4pm each night across the street from the Tavern to the north

  • Thursday – Open Circle – come entertain each other
  • Friday – Mistress Elianes Concert, Open Circle
  • Sunday – Open Circle

Master Tonis van Driele, O.L. – Entertainment Coordinator
Baroness Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli – Dance Coordinator
Baron Andreas Blackwolde – Bardic Coordinator

Bardic Coordinator
Baron Andreas Blacwode

Entertainment Coordinator
Master Tonis Van Driele, O.L.

Dance Coordinator
Baroness Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli