Greetings to all Midrealmers, past and present!

Over the last 50 years the Midrealm history has been brought to life and commemorated by so many performers. Some of you are still residing in the Midrealm while others have found new homes. We would like to invite you back to share in the celebration of the Middle Kingdom’s 50 years.

Mummers, jugglers, magicians, storytellers, bards, minstrels, madrigals, commedia, dancers, yes, even mimes! If you have been a performer while residing in the Middle Kingdom we would like you to be part of the celebration. In the very near future we will be posting information on how you can request one of the performance slots available. We will have opportunities for experienced, Featured Performers (stage or tavern), buskers, child friendly performances, and even“open-mic” times. There will also be scheduled dance activities, balls and dance demonstrations, bardic circles and even a possible travelling bardic!

If you are interested in hosting a performing arts event, in your camp or if you need a larger venue, please contact one of the 3 coordinators in the Entertainment department.

So dust off your act, warm up your voices, tune your instruments, stretch those muscles, practice your professional lying skills (for the magicians out there), and get ready to be part of the grand gala that will be Middle Kingdom 50 Year!

Master Tonis van Driele, O.L. – Entertainment Coordinator
Baroness Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli – Dance Coordinator
Baron Andreas Blackwolde – Bardic Coordinator

MidRealm 50 European Dance: Call for and Information for Musicians

Greetings, I am THL Jolicia atte Northclyfe, and I am coordinating the music and musicians for the European dances at the Middle Kingdom 50 Year event. I hope the balls will be a fun experience for musicians and dancers alike. Here’s what you need to know:


We will be using a past version of the Pennsic Pile, which is the book of dance music arrangements used at Pennsic. This ensures that dancers and musicians are (literally) on the same page.

You can find the Pennsic Pile at the link below:

Musicians, please print out your own copy of the Pennsic Pile and bring it to MidRealm 50. Printouts will NOT be available at the event. When practicing, choose the voice (soprano, alto, tenor, or bass) that is most comfortable for you. If you can prepare more than one voice or instrument, that would be very helpful.

Musicians of all abilities are welcome to join the dance ensemble. Period instruments are preferred, but appropriate modern instruments (flute, acoustic guitar, trombone, cello, violin, ect.) are welcome as well.

Please email me at washington.julie[at]gmail[dot]com to sign up for a particular dance by Sunday, May 12. This will ensure that we have enough musicians for each ball.

Please send me the following information: SCA name, mundane name, your kingdom, email address, instruments, and dates you can play. Updates will be distributed via email and a Facebook group called MidRealm 50 Musicians.


  • Thursday, May 23: Beginners Ball
  • Friday, May 24: Crystal / Terpsichore History Ball (AKA the RUM Ball)
  • Saturday, May 25: The Grand 50 Year Ball, music by Musica Subterranea
  • Sunday, May 26: New Heirs Ball (tentative)

Dance Coordinator
Baroness Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli