How to Sponsor an Activity for MK 50 Year

This is YOUR event!  We would like YOU to sponsor an activity!  Unlike any other event, MK 50 is sponsored by the Kingdom and we would like to showcase the unique and best of our Kingdom.

Who are you? You are a Shire, a Barony, a Household, a collective mind and or individual person wanting to sponsor an event.

What kind of activity could you sponsor?  Tourneys, historical battles, demos in the Artisan village, lectures, youth activities, Bardic circles, social activities in camp etc.…. the only limitation is your imagination and SCA / Middle Kingdom rules / laws.  (All activities will be reviewed for compliance and safety before scheduling.)

How do you sponsor an event? Email, message, talk to the person in charge of that activity area or use the Signup below! Activity contact information is located both on the staff page and individual activity pages if you can’t find the person you need contact Event Stewards. The activity contacts will work with you to help coordinate the event, gain volunteers to assist, schedule the venue and advertise. Its up to you to facilitate the activity that you are sponsoring.

What is the deadline to sponsor an activity?  The deadline is April 15, 2019.

If you would like to sign up to teach or run an activity fill out our signup form: