Greetings to all from the staff who are coordinating the Memorial Celebration at the Middle Kingdom’s 50 year anniversary event.

We are looking for pictures and “artifacts” of loved ones that we have lost in the 50 years that we have been a Kingdom. The plan is to have a Memorial Wall with pictures of those who have passed, as well as table space for small displays of mementos. Examples of mementos include items such as personal banners, clothing that was unique to the individual, bits of their kits if they were fighters, archers, etc.. Mementos will be in a secured room overnight and can be picked up after the event.

We are planning having a running on loop complied videos. If you would like to participate in the video then we would ask that you include picture/s of each individual, with an accompanying verbal story.  Perhaps a story that was indicative of the person, or brings a smile when you hear it – you can show a picture or pictures. The video should not exceede 5 minutes in length.

The goal is to be respectful of the person and those that loved the person, while perhaps bringing a smile to faces as we remember the best of these people.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, stories, and memories. We will do our best to help you memorialize your loved one.  


Acelina of Derelei and her staff

Memorial Display Coordinator
THL Tegan Marie Silvertree

Memorial Display Coordinator
Baron Gareth Ostwestly, OP