Welcome to Guest Services! We will be located in Pavilion B (Swine Pavilion) thru out the event to help you enjoy your Middle Kingdom Celebration. Please email us if you have questions before the event at mk50guest1[at]midrealm[dot]org and mk50guest2[at]midrealm[dot]org – we will post frequently asked questions on this page!

1. Is there climate controlled activity areas?

Yes, the main building is equipped with air conditioning! We will have activities planned for the indoors each day and there is populace area in the Main Hall to relax in.

2. What about quiet hours?

Yes, there are quiet hours.  10 pm to 8am.  Fortunately, we have several buildings to move the noisy parties into.  

3. What if I can’t camp?  Are there hotels? 

Yes, a listing of local hotels can be found on the “Local” tab. Some have also rented local apartments for the month.

4. Is there transportation around the site? 

There will be a tram during main daylight hours 9am-6pm around the perimeter of the site, the tram will have multiple drop off locations close to all schedule activities. The drop off points are sidewalk accessible and will require a short flat walk to the activity area. Trams are not allowed to travel down the promenade please don’t ask to be dropped off on the promenade.

5. Are there Handicap facilities? 

The site is 100% compliant with all ADA requirements.  The paths between buildings in the main village are flat and paved, there are handicap bathrooms and showers onsite. All hardwall bathrooms have handicap facilities. There is no separate Handicap camping, as we would not presume to know where they would like to camp, or that they be separated from family and friends.

6. Is there Handicap parking? 

Yes, there is ample marked handicap parking for those that have a valid state issued handicap window tag or license. All others without proper identification will be towed without notification.

7. What if my camping site does not have electricity? Will I be able to charge my phone, scooter, mechanical dragon…

Yes, in the guest services area we will have a charge station for scooters. All buildings have electricity and there are multiple USB charging stations thru out the main building.

8. Do the camping locations have Power and Water?  

Not all locations have access to Power or Water.  Some are primitive camping only. Details for each block are on the Land page.

9. Are there RV hookups? 

You can camp in an RV, but there are not enough power and water hook ups.  The hook ups are used for additional shower trailers.  We will have some used for Dump and fill stations. Generators are OK.

10. Is the site pet friendly? Can I have service animal with me? 

Yes, the site is pet friendly and you can bring your service animal with me. Service animals are allowed in the main building except for the commercial kitchen. You are responsible for animal and its actions. If the staff witnesses animal behavior that is threatening to other guests you will be asked to remove the animal from the site.

11. What if I am bringing an animal in from out of state?

Any animals being brought in from out of state to the site for any activity must be compliant in the testing and certification as mandated by the state of Indiana. If you are not sure of the requirements you can find them on this website: https://www.in.gov/boah/2463.htm Please be prepared to provide any documentation required for your animal to the staff. If you have questions please contact the event stewards.

Guest Services
Lady Elisabeta Fischer

Guest Services
Baroness Hillary de Langeforde, OP