What Merchants will be at MK 50 Year?

You can expect these fine merchants at 50 Year……they have brought special goods just for the event, and look forward to seeing you there.

96 District Fabrics
Historically accurate fabrics, Silk, linen, wool, cotton, sewing notions, socks

Argent Fox
Musical Instruments & accessories, Furniture, Drinking horns

By My Hand Designs
Hilts, pole arm and axe forms, jewelry and dress accessories, shields, cookie presses, belts, embroidered award badges, belt fittings wooden wares, rats.

Calontir Trim
Trim, lamellar armor plates, linen coifs, metalwork, leatherwork.

Celtic Wolf
Damascus and plain steel knives, carved jade and jasper, drinking horns, walking sticks, etc.

Costume Ladies
Fabric by the yard, trim, belt bags, drawstring bags

Darkwood Armory
Rapier/cut and thrust legal swords and equipment

Drachenstein Treasures
Jewelry and Decorative Metalwork

Du Puy Creations
Wood Furniture

Francis Forgeries
Small blades, Jewelry, and other iron work

Garb by Gwen
Garb, mainly middle eastern, and feast gear

Giggling Wenches
Garb and Accessories

Hammer Forge & File
Period pottery and feastware, pewter feastware, goblets, tankards, period-esque jewelry, hand forged edged weapons

Herbs of Grace
Historically inspired organic herbal teas, based on literary works from ancient through Elizabethan times

House of the Sleeping Dragon
Swords, knives, feast ware, armor sparing equipment

K&K Woodworks
Wood camp furniture, puzzles, boxes, candle holders, toys

Kraken Press Company
Kingdom swag, 50year swag, jewelry, Furniture, and Armor

Large Wooden Badger
Jewelry and beads

Lobster Rose
Pottery Handmade Pottery

Medieval Medallions
Hand painted Decorative Award Medallions, Roman Brothel coins

Mid East Magic
Hats, clothes, books, scarves,

Mostly Middle Eastern & Silent Cat
Garb, Accessories, stained glass, hand crafted jewelry

Mundania & More
Embroidered Midrealm wear

Munitions Grade Arms
Rattan, Fiberglass Spears, Armor, Helms, Thrusting tips

North Sea Trade and Raid
SCA general store, little bit of everything , most handmade

North Star Armoury
Viking, Anglo Saxon, and Medieval Jewelry and artifacts

Practical Viking
All things Viking

Red Dragon Designs
T-shirts and Decals

Schmitdy’s Schtuff
Leather goods, Crocheted Novelties, Veil pins, Veils, Rosaries, Wood Boxes.

Sparks of Inspiration
Period inspired hairstyling and jewelry.

The Amber Fox
Amber, Silver and Semiprecious Gemstone Jewelry, Custom Bone Items for sewing and weaving.

The Miller’s Daughter
We have tamed a dragon who helps us make beautiful artwork (We Are Laser Engraving). We have tatted jewelry, notebooks, lucets, tablets for weaving and many other items.

Tosten’s Pots
Tosten’s pots creates and sells period cookwares and housewares. Items including cooking pots, storage jars, crocks, colanders, mugs, bowls, plates, and more. Most items come with references to archaeological finds.

Uncommon Clay
Hand Made Pottery and fur pelts.

Under the Mushroom
We sell renaissance clothing and accessories.

Viking Archery
Traditional Archery Supplies, C.A. Supplies, Crossbows.

White Wolf & Phoenix
Handwoven Narrowwares, String/Yarn, tools for working with string, Books.

Wired Whymsy
Artisan jewelry, Handmade cloaks, and other accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions for Merchants

Please feel free to send any additional questions to mk50merchants[at]midrealm[dot]org. I will answer them and add the info to the current questions/answer list. I will keep this list updated with new information. Anyone wishing to merchant please send an email request to mk50merchants[at]midrealm[dot]org

1. What is available for merchants

We have spaces along the promenade for merchants that wish to set up a pavilion to merchant from. We will have barn space available to for those that do not want to set up a pavilion and prefer a bazaar space. Tables are available at no charge to all merchants but you will need to bring your own chairs. Spaces do vary and we will try to accommodate everyone’s requests.

2. What is the cost of merchanting at MK 50?

There will be refundable $50.00 registration fee for each merchant – at the end of the event we will inspect each merchant area if left in acceptable condition, we will refund the registration fee.

3. As a MK 50 Year Merchant can we arrive on site early to set up? 

Yes. Merchants will be able to get onto the site on the Thursday May 23, 2018 at 8AM. 

4. Can I put a structure on my bazaar merchant space i.e. tent, shelves etc.? 

Yes you can, but they have to be free standing structures and cannot interfere with the ceiling fans in the building. The floor to fan height is over 15 feet. Please keep that in mind if you plan on constructing structures. The floor of the barns are concrete so no stakes allowed. 

5. Can I use the electricity provided? 

Yes you can. Bring your own extension cords and make sure that they are approved for outdoor use. No cords running over side walks or causing trip hazards.

6. Can I sleep in my merchant area? 

Yes you can if you like. Please work around your space to fit your needs. You can fit a small pop up tent in your area if it works! Please note that we will be providing security through the week, but we are not responsible for any lost or stolen merchandise. There is a limited amount of space between the barns for tent camping. Small period tents if possible. Your property and the security of it is up to you. 

7. Do I have to have a license to sell or vend in Indiana in order to merchant at MK 50 Year? 

You will not be required by the event to provide a copy of the license.

8. What will be our hours of operation? 

We hope you can be open from Thursday to Sunday evening – we will be having a “Midnight Madness” on Sunday starting at 5PM until 11PM. You will be required to be open on Friday and Saturday of the event from 10AM to 5PM. You are welcome to sell around those hours, but we will be requesting a quiet time after 10PM.

9. Speaking of weather? What can we do to protect our merchandise? 

The barns do not have walls, although the roof and sides are steel and steel beams. You are encouraged to create walls for your booth areas. This will cut down on wind and rain. The booths near the middle of the barns are less likely to be impacted. We encourage all to bring plastic coverings and or lids for tubs and merchandise. Contrary to the song in the early 70’s, it does Rain in Indianapolis in the Summertime! 

10. Can we ship merchandise to the site? 

Yes you can – well, sort of. There is no way to send to, or receive at, the actual site.   HOWEVER, there is a Post Office directly across from the site, they can hold packages there in Your Name for Local Pick up.  NOTE: mark for “Pickup” with a Tracking #  

Address:     Danville Post Office
                    1965 E. Main St.
                    Danville, IN 46122

Pick up hours:  
M-F : 8:30am-6:pm  /  Sat.: 8:30am-12:30pm  /  Sun: Closed

11. Will there be trailer parking/merchant parking? 

Yes, there will be secure parking for your trailers and cars. This parking will be closer to the merchant area. If you choose to camp in general camping, it will be located in a different area of the site, but still accessible by walking. The event site has paved roads and all areas are within walking distance. 

12. Unloading and Loading

Merchants will have access on Thursday and Sunday to drive on the promenade to unload and load back up. Vehicles will need to be moved as quickly as possible to insure smooth logistics for everyone. During the event there will be no driving on the promenade (this is for everyone not just merchants).

Merchant Liaison
THL Gregory Bryant