Site Location

Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds & Conference Complete
1900 E Main St., Danville, IN  USA  46122

Event Site & Facilities

This site, or “The Village”, is located on 110 acres, and features a number of buildings, Covered and Open, Enclosed, Air Conditioned and Fenced fields all of which will provide a wide variety of venues for everything from Arts & Sciences Displays, to Equine Activities, to Fighting ~ pretty much all things SCA. Ample space is available for camping.

The central walkway, or “The Promenade”, provides an easily accessible walkway through the center of The Village.  Nearly all buildings have an entryway from the main walk, providing easy access to all mobility groups.

The Village features an Equine Arena that is nearly the size of a football field with bleachers and a covered walk to the 150 stall Equine Pavilion.  The facility can be lit at night to extend the hours of activities.  In addition there are multiple turn out pens, and wash stalls.  Expect plenty of Equine activities.

If Archery or Thrown Weapons is more to your liking, there is an extensive arena available for our use.  The Range features bleachers, safety and an observation booth, and lighting for evening activities.

For Combat – be it Heavy or Rapier – we have the Fight Pavilion.  Enclosed building providing shade, and circulating fans to help keep the temperatures down – both available for use 24/7.   There are also outdoor fields (a large one for both Heavy and Rapier, and a couple of “Pick up” spots near the Pavilions) for Melees and outdoor training, or additional engagements if needed.

Building Usage

Main Building

  • The North and South halls combined will be for feasts, Courts, and Kingdom A&S.
  • In the evening these halls will be separated for Balls and social gatherings.
  • The Main Building also features three classrooms which may be combined or separate 31’x25′.
  • An industrial kitchen will be used for the Feast each night.
  • A pair of Conference rooms round out the building for additional classrooms, all in air conditioning.

Equine Facilities

  • A 120′ x 250′ Covered
  • Arena with stadium seating for spectators in the shade.
  • A covered walk leading to the Enclosed Equine Pavilion with 150 Stalls 110′ x 310′.
  • Make Up Arena with 2 60 ft Lunge Pens, 180′ x 90′.

Range Facilities

  • A 310′ x 120′ fenced in area.
  • An Archery range.
  • A Thrown Weapons range.
  • Stadium seating and an Observation Tower.

Fighting Facilities

  • The NSSB Arena – Special Events Enclosed, lit, overhead fans, and observation bleachers – 100′ x 97′.
  • Pavilion, enclosed, lit with overhead fans – 120′ x 80′.
  • Various fighting fields for Melees, Classes and/or Pick Ups. 
  • Pavilion D 120′ x 80′ is covered, hard floor, open walls, will be split between Rapier & Heavy fighting.

Classroom Facilities

  • Classrooms in the main building.
  • Pavilion A will be open for classes 100′ x 80′.
  • Pavilion C – Dancing

Merchant Facilities

  • Merchant booths have their own covered facility in Pavilion B, has hard floor & open walls 240′ x 80′.
  • NOTE: There will be 3 ATM machines on site:  1. Main Hall, 2. near Village General Store, 3. near Merchants on Promenade

Dos and Don'ts of the Site


Alcohol cannot be sold on site, period. We have no liquor license and the state of Indiana is quite firm on the matter. Alcohol can be enjoyed in one’s camp, though every effort should be made to put it in a period container. Do not serve minors. Drink responsibly. Police officers will be on site at all times.


Site is pet friendly, and you can bring your service animal with you. Service animals are allowed in the main building, except for the commercial kitchen. You are responsible for your animal and its actions. If the staff witnesses animal behavior that is threatening to other guests, you will be asked to remove the animal from the site.


The State of Indiana is an open carry permit state; it is not unusual to see people with firearms. No one will interfere with your constitutional right to carry. That said, please don’t. Insisting on openly carrying a firearm at a Medieval event based on Honor and Courtesy makes a person wonder why. For the novelty? No, Indiana does not consider it novel. For protection? No – this is a gathering of people based on Courtesy and Honor, and no lack of will to enforce it with far less lethal, and more readily available, means. To look important? No – a willingness to help others makes people important, not the ability to sling a projectile with explosive force. What it will do is clash with the Medieval atmosphere. No 9mm, .45 or .22 looks good with a Cotehardie, Norse Tunic, or Elizabethan. If you are still possessed with a desire to accelerate projectiles, may we suggest the Archery Range? It is Period, fun and uses many of the same skill sets. In short: Yes, you can, but no one will be impressed and it is not period, please don’t. 

Fire & Water (digging)

NOTE: When the site was constructed, they did not put the power lines down very far.  In some places it is only 6 inches below ground.  We have made every attempt to mark the power lines, but there is no digging of fire or sump pits in those areas.

Waste Water Removal – the main camping area where there is no digging – there are drains that waste water can be dumped down. These will be marked with banners for easy finding.

ATTENTION: For firewood, there are specific rules and requirements if you are bringing wood on site to burn.  Please check the Indiana government page regarding this at the following link:

In areas WITHOUT power or water lines:
You *may* dig, but…
An in ground fire or sump pit in the non power areas is fine, as long as it is filled in (and not with trash) when all is said and done. 

In areas WITH power or water lines:
All fires will need to be off the ground…
Please do not dig sump or drainage pits, even if you fill them in, it would get us in trouble. 

In any location:
No in camp showers, we will have rented showers, and the site has hard walled showers. 

Quiet Hours

While we fully expect to have activities throughout the night in the buildings, they must stay in the buildings. Drumming, Dancing, Fighting, even a late night tavern, but keep it in the buildings. The site is surrounded by residential areas so the overhead stadium lights at the Archery field must be out by 10pm, and the louder activities should move indoors. 

Remember:  Leave the place neater than you found it