Come celebrate equestrian arts, sciences & marshal activities of the SCA!

Class and games will be hosted for all riding levels. If you would like to sponsor a class, see information below. If you are new to SCA equestrian activities, please review the handbook

All riders are required to be members of the SCA, and be authorized to participate in an activity. Authorizations will be held throughout the event. Memberships can be renewed or purchased online at

We are tentatively planning on the following activities:
  • Thursday – Authorizations, Mounted Combat Authorizations – practice and pickups, Musical shields, Apple Lance
  • Friday -Jousting, Riding in Front of the Prince part 1 & 2, Teaching Your Hose Neck Reining, Tippet Tag, Equestrian Challenge Course
  • Saturday – Ground Handling & Leading, Field Heraldry for the Joust, Ground Crew for the Joust, Trail Competition. Driving Speed Course, Mounted Archery 
  • Sunday – Jousting, Chaucer’s Challenge, Side Saddle Class and Clicker Training

Details for these activities above will be listed on master schedule shortly

Don’t see your favorite game or class?

Volunteer to sponsor it! How to sponsor an activity? Do you have a class or activity in mind? Would you just like to participate? Let us know! We can recommend a game or activity for you to sponsor, if you don’t know what you want to do. There are a number of games we can recommend and assist with, that just need a sponsor.

Sponsors are still needed for mounted combat, buzkashi, and apple lance, musical shields, and any other game or activity you would like to see happen.

  1. Contact the equestrian marshal in charge, CuMhara of Holyhead at mk50eq[at]midrealm[dot]org or through messenger on Facebook. Information needed includes: Space and time required, including setup and take down. Equipment you will be bringing or need; some standard equestrian equipment will be available on site. Riding level required to participate. 
  2. Be prepared to bring or organize all materials needed, and enough help to set up, take down, and marshal (if this activity includes horses). If you need help finding marshals, let us know!
  3. If you would like to host an activity that declares a winner, you can choose how to recognize the victor. 
  4. Show up, host activity, and have fun!
List table

ALL RIDERS and GROUND CREW must check in at the list table. You must fill in an Emergency Contact form. You will receive a visible token from the list mistress. All people in the arena will display this token in order to rein in chaos.

If you are bringing a horse

The state of Indiana requires in-state horses to have a current (within the last year) negative Coggins and health certificate. Out of state horses should have a current (within the last year) negative Coggins and a health certificate within the last 30 days. More information is available at

Horse owners can send photos of health certs and Coggins to mk50eq[at]midrealm[dot]org to speed up check in.

If you have stall concerns, please pre-registered and LET US KNOW YOUR NEEDS. We will do our best to accommodate you and your animals. There are two round pens available for turning out. Please be considerate to other horses.

Many of the stalls have cement flooring. Information on rental stall pads will be posted soon.

When you register for the event, request the total number of stalls you need.

Example – if you need a tack stall, add an additional and a note that one is a tack stall. If you have a large horse and want a double stall, reserve two stalls and add a note that they need to be converted to a double. If you would like to stalls near a certain person or group, please add that in the registration notes or email Rose de la Cumbe (Kate Reis) directly at mk50eq2[at]midrealm[dot]org. She will try to accommodate all requests as possible.

Equestrian tent camping and non-electric RV camping will be as close to the barn as possible – please note equestrian camping in your registration.

If you are camping in your trailer and WANT electric, choose RV camping and make a note to be near the barn if possible.

We will make every effort to keep people near their equines and will monitor the barn throughout the night.

Bragg’s Saddle Feed-Tack Shop is less than 1 mile from site.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I bring my dog into the stable or around the horses?

  • Well-behaved dogs on leash are welcome. Please understand that all horses are NOT dog-safe, and take care to keep your dogs under control and away from strange horses. Some horses may be frightened, while other horses might bite or kick a strange dog. Dogs that repeatedly bark or exhibit other bothersome behaviors will be asked to leave the equestrian area.

Can I bring my children into the stable or around the horses?

  • Well-behaved children under supervision are welcome. Please understand that some horses bite and kick, or are just not used to being around children. Some horses have very specific dietary rules. Please DO NOT let your children pet or feed horses without the horse owner’s permission.

Equestrian Coordinator
Baroness CuMhara O’ Holyhead

Equestrian Coordinator
Lady Rose de la Cumbe

Equestrian Coordinator
Lancer Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars