Welcome to rapier at the MK50 Year celebration.  We hope to have a packed schedule with classes, tournaments, and melees for the weekend which will bring back some old memories and introduce you to the future of rapier in the Midrealm.  We also hope that the children of the dragon will grace us with activities that show where rapier has gone in their areas of the Known World.

Master Tedesco will be heading up our Cut and Thrust track for this event. We will also have youth rapier activities, overseen by Master Anton, available. All tournaments, classes, and melees will use the Midrealm rapier rules, unless special dispensation is received for tournaments sponsored by other kingdoms.

As always, remember honor before victory,

Mistress Moira and Master Torquil MacGillavrey
Rapier MICs for Midrealm 50 Year Celebration

Rapier Coordinator
Baron Torquil MacGillavery, MOD, OP, OL

Rapier Coordinator
Baroness Moria MacGillavery OP, OL