Welcome one and all to Thrown Weapons Range of the Middle Kindgom 50 Year Celebration. We are excited to offer the populace a throwing range to practice old skills and learn new ones.

The thrown weapons range will function using the current Midrealm Thrown Weapons handbook and guidelines. In addition, please note these items:

  • All throwers must have footwear that covers the soles of their feet, although closed-toe footwear is recommended.
  • The minimum age to throw is 6 years of age.
  • The parent or legal guardian of those under 12 must stay at the range at all times when the minor is throwing.
  • The Midrealm 50 Year Thrown Weapons range does not provide loaner equipment.
  • Individual throwers MAY choose to loan out equipment at their discretion.
  • The marshals are always willing to teach new people to throw, all you need to do is come out to the range.

We will gladly welcome any groups or individuals who wish to sponsor a tournament. Please contact me if you are interested or use the link below to signup to sponsor a tourney, teach a class either off or on the range.

Yours in Service
Forester Robert Thorne
Thrown Weapons Marshal In Charge

Thrown Weapons Coordinator
THL Robert Thorne