Calling artists of all ages and skills…

we invite you to be part of Middle Kingdom history!

To celebrate 50-Year, we need art submissions for 3 different purposes:
1) Images that can be turned into a site token
2) Designs for an event shirt
3) Designs for a site booklet cover

Artists from 3 different categories are invited to submit their artwork; a design for each purpose listed above will be chosen from each category (9 opportunities to have your artwork included in the MK 50th Year Celebration).

Artists will fall into one of the following categories:
1) Laurels
2) Non-Laurel Adults
3) Youths (up to 17 yrs old)

During the next year, we will feature some of the art that was not chosen but still showcases the amazing artists that we have in the Middle Kingdom.

Please help the staff of #MK50 show your work to the Known World!

Submission Form
Submission specifications:

Theme: Middle Kingdom 50 Years – the past present and future.

  • Site Tokens: Submissions should be easily converted to a site token. The final form may be a pewter badge, kingdom war badge, enamel pins, etc. Please keep in mind that the lines of this artwork need to be simple and easily reproduced.  The size of the design at its largest scale should fit within a 3 inch circle.
  • Event Shirts: Submissions should include both a black/white and color version of the design. Image files of 300 ppi or vectored image files are required. Images should be 10″ or smaller. High levels of detail are discouraged as they may become difficult to reproduce on a shirt.
  • Site Booklet: Submissions in this category may include high levels of detail and be either black/white or color designs.

All submissions should be in PDF or image formats.

All submissions are due by May 23, 2018.

Please download and complete the SCA Creative Work Release form so that we are able to utilize your work for the stated purpose. Submit the release with your artwork at the link above.