Greetings from Edmund and Kateryn

The first duty of any Crown is to secure the succession of the throne. It is to that end that we announce Our Crown Tournament to be held during the Middle Kingdom 50 year Celebration on Sunday, May 26th.

If you wish to fight or be fought for you must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold an Award of Arms or higher
  • Have a valid SCA Membership that lasts through May of 2020
  • Have read Kingdom Law
  • Have read Corpora

Attest that you are able to adequately fulfill the duties of the Crown.
If you meet these qualifications please submit to Us and Our Kingdom Seneschal your Letter of Intent to compete in Crown with a copy of your authorization and your membership cards for both combatant and consort.

The tournament will be fought in a random draw, double elimination format. Each elimination will be a single fight with combatants armed with the form of their choice. The finals will be best of three. The first two bouts will be with matched weapons forms. The fighter of senior rank shall choose the form of the first bout. The fighter of junior rank shall choose the form of the second bout. If a third bout is needed the fighters may arm themselves how they choose and do not need to match. Allowed choices for the finals are: weapon and shield, two weapons, pole arm, and great sword.

Letter of Intent are due by Coronation Day. Kingdom Seneschal accepts electronic copies only.

Combatants and Consorts List to be released after Coronation.