The Brewers and Vintners of the Middle Kingdom are some of the most talented beverage creators in the Known World. Come enjoy a frosty pint of homebrew, enjoy a horn of mead, or quench your thirst with a sekanjabin at the Middle Kingdom 50th Tavern. Every evening from 7-Midnight the Tavern will be serving up the best homebrews the Kingdom has to offer. Don’t forget your drinking vessel as you gather round the Tavern tables ending the evening’s festivities sharing a drink and telling story’s of the day’s glory.

Nightly Entertainment to be announced soon!

If you are a brewer and would like more information about donating or working with the tavern, please contact the Tavern staff at mk50tavern[at]midrealm[dot]org

Tavern Entertainment Schedule – Starting at 7pm and subject to change
(check the info board outside of the Tavern for changes)

  • Thursday Night – Bed & Breakfast, Moonwulf, Master Tonnis, THL Brendan O’Corrie
  • Friday Night – Mistress Lucia, Baron Breddlewyn, Sternfeld Rapier Bards, Alefred of Chester, Flamma Chorum, THL Brendan O’Corrie, Halla & Finn
  • Saturday – I Verdi Confusi, House Sans Nomen, Bardic Storm
  • Sunday – Bear Wolf, Sammi, Midrealm Descendent Kingdom Singalong

Tavern Coordinator
Baroness Verena Etenwirth